OPEN: Hey, Good morning and welcome to STAG, I'm Jack. Today will be the second installment of the series called Understanding the Bible. Bible prophecy is one of the most confused areas of the Bible. It takes some study to tell to whom the prophet is speaking, what he is saying, and when the prophecy will occur. this might be the most important study a Believer can do because it will not only clarify what is written, but will prove God's reality when we see that the prophecy came true. But first--->

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INTRODUCTION: This is really important stuff so you need to take some notes so you can go back over the considerable amount of information I'll give you.

So many people today don't have a clue to what the Bible says, preachers, too. What gets me is people who'll willingly show their prejudice about the Bible. They put it down 'cuz they can't understand it by just reading it.

My credibility depends on there being only one right explanation for what's written. Finding that explanation takes the kind of study we're doing here. Not guessing, but pulling the whole book together and making it fit. We must always consider who wrote, what they said and to whom they said it.

Most of Bible prophecy is to the House of Israel. We can't look for the Jews to fulfill these prophecies. Ingersol. 1-we're going to focus mainly on the H.Is & the H.Ju so let's define those two groups. 2 separate nations/kingdoms.
2-Main confusion is in names: line at Solomon, whole-House; Judah's secession.(ex) If Hawaii secedes, the US will still be called the US. Birthright & general prophesies stay with Is, Judah takes only personal prophesies with them.
3-at Solomon's death 2nd nation formed. Now H.Is & H.Ju. but H.Is called by many other names, which adds to the confusion.
4-Is 46:3 H.Jac called Is; Amos 7:16 H.Isaac=Is; 2Chr 25?7 Is. called Ephraim; Josh 17:17 H.Jo is Eph/Man; 2Sam 19:20 H.Jo (rulers of northern tribes) meet David.
5-differentiated: Jer 5:20 H.Ja/Ju; Zec 10:6 H.Ju/H.Jo; Is 5:7 H.Is/Ju; Jer 3:18 H.Is/H.Ju; (many more)
6-So we have two distinct groups, with the H.Is remaining the possessor of all the earlier promises, prophesies & covenants.

world pop; many nations/kings; great nation/name; gates
Jacob Prophesy to Eph/Man: multitude of nations, great people:Gen 48:15-19
Jacob blessing to Joe: blessing of skies, oceans, breast (nurture), womb-Gen 49:22-26

Levitic Covenant: Leviticus 26:3-13-Rain, good crops, fruit, harvest on harvest, eat your fill, dwell safely, peace, no fear, no evil beasts, no army in land, chase enemies, fall before you, 5 chase 100, 100-10,000, population, little storage; worldwide scale 'cuz of Abe (above)

Birthright: 1-all above to Joe, except sceptre/law; Gen 49:10, 25-26; 2-never given to Israel in the bible.

Bible: 1-2Kin 17:6 Judahites began to be called Jews. Judah, Benj, Levi.
2-2Kin 16:6 relocation to Halah, Habor, Gozan and Medes
3-all refs to Joe, Jacob, Eph, Isaac, H.Is plus Israel, Samaria (more) are for the 10 United (states) of northern kingdom, Israel.

LEVI COV II: Leviticus 26:14-18 1-Seven times; 2-390 Yr chance; 3-721, Removed, begin 2520/1800 1800 1-What nations had the prom/proph after 1800? Suddenly.
2-England became GREAT Britain and world's biggest empire.
3-US became world's greatest nation.

CHRISTIANITY 1-Same 2 countries embody and disseminate Xity: are God-of-the-Bible people

1-Shows the Celtic root stock appears at the same place Assyria resettled conquered Israel.
2-Archeology proves Israel's connection through names used for Is. (Assyrian tablets-Behistun rock)
3-Scythians/Cimmerians were Israel: before they got their names changed; Gamera, Iskuza, Sakka
4-Hosea outlines a detailed "history" of Celts; 2 Esdras in Apocrypha=Dariel Pass migration to Scythia
5-Go thru Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, substitute Eng/US and see how many times the prophesies fit the history.

JESUS 1-"not sent", "don't go"...Lost sheep of house of Israel

v. 1-all families of Is
4-Israel(virgin bride
(5-Samaria, Israel capitol)
(6-Mount Ephraim, gov't seat)
9-Ephraim is firstborn
10-scattered Israel
11-Jacob(2) (Esau & Assyria, et al)
(15-Rachel [Joe's mom] weeps for kids)
20-(virgin Israel)
23-24 land of Judah
27-H. Is & H. Judah
31-H. Is & H. Judah
33-H. Israel seed of
36-seed of Israel
37-seed of Israel

House of Israel
virgin Israel

PROPHESIES FOR ENG/US=restoration of Israel-gathering
v. 1-9 God restores Israel, brings them from north to Zion
10-14 God gathers Israel to Zion, blesses & feeds them
15-18 don't cry, God brings Israel to their own land
18-21 Ephraim says "I was bad." "It's OK, come home." (God)
22-26 Israel will once more seek God in Judah(geographical)
27-30 God will re-plant Israel & Judah; Cf 1:10
31-34 new covenant with House of Israel & House of Judah. God puts laws in hearts of H. Israel
35-37 Israel a nation as long as sun & moon exist
38-40 Jerusalem built for last time

Out of 174 occurrences in the Old Testament, one out of seven is the house of Judah; (24 to 149) New Testament has six listings: 3 for house of Israel and three for ALL the tribes.

Let's go up to God's level and see if all this fits some plausible scenario. We have to ask, "What is God accomplishing with this earthly reality?" Here's the gestalt. God's Word (Christ) created the universe, including earth. An event in God's realm caused the plan for humanity to be created. Prior to this event the earth had undergone a worldwide cataclysm which devastated the surface of the planet. Whereupon God started a recreative process: stabilizing the earth's orbit, rotation and revolution, placing a canopy around the planet (like Venus), giving little sparks of His Life Force to physical substances like vegetation and creatures. Then with that unnamed earlier mentioned event, God conceived a 7000 year plan to restore His realm to it's former completeness. The plan was to put an extra little spark of Life Force into one of the (man-like-creatures and nurture it along until some of the descendants could be trained to fill the void in God's realm. But Adam disobeyed and had to be quarantined so that he didn't die by coming into contact with God. At that point, God's fail-safe went into effect. He started the process of telling all future humans that there was a method of re- establishing contact with Him. He pretty much outlined the whole 7000 year plan so that at almost any time in history a person could find the message and make it back. He published the message first in the Zodiac. He also put the message in the great Pyramid and Stonehenge, to name a few. But the main vehicle for getting this message to the world is the Bible. The most graphic example of the message was Jesus. The Bible deals with this 7000 year plan by recording and prophesying God's guiding of the history of a certain population group of the earth. I know that most people would say that group is the Jews. Most people would by 12/13ths wrong. That population group also contains the other 12 tribes fathered by a man called Jacob. There are 13 tribes of Israelites, descendants of the man whose name was changed from Jacob to Israel. Israel was the head of the "nation" of Israel before it was a nation. Therefore, when God goes about telling the rest of the world about how to re-establish contact, He does it through all 13 tribes, not just the Jews. God is telling and verifying His message at all times on the 7000 year timeline with the very history of those 13 tribes. He is working today to shape history for those tribes so that the prophesies about them in the Bible will be fulfilled; Thereby showing that what's coming yet will also become history.

If you're looking to the Jews for the fulfillment of 3/4 of the Bible's prophesies, you'll be disappointed and maybe give up on God. God controls the history of the earth so that the history of the Celtic/Trojan-Greek derived nations play out the story written about them in the Bible. That's why it's so important to know who's being talked about by all the prophets from Jacob in Genesis to John in Revelation. The whole book is talking about one group of people It tells about the events that effect their lives as they have and will move through history.

Those people are US!!! Like it or lump it, believe it or not, it's true.

WRAP:1-The main thing that will bring home today's study is the substitution I mentioned. Go through one of the larger prophetic books and above all the names for the House of Israel, write b/us, and see if just your schoolroom history shows that the prophecy came true.
2-If you want to talk about this subject or anything else, STAG is a comfortable place to do that. We're at 88 Briceland Rd. in Redway. the nmber is 707 923 ALLY(2559).
3-On the web it's STAG.WS. And don't forget the 72 videos on YouTube or the very large radio archive.
4-I'll be back here on the 5th of February. I hope you'll be there too.
5-You hear me say it every time, and it's true. God is real. And the stuff He says comes true, every time.

This is Jack. Goodbye.

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